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Breathwork & Soundbathing

Breathwork is an active self-healing meditation technique that uses the breath to emotionally detox the body. The experience moves stuck energy and facilitates release of strong emotions like anger and sadness. It connects you to your intuition and leaves you feeling softer, open, and less burdened.  After breathing together, we will take time to find stillness, integrate, and reach a profound level of peace and inner quiet using sound healing and inspirational music.

The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself. 

It can be scary to look inside because it feels too dark, too daunting or too shameful. You don't need to be afraid of yourself when you have support to navigate the journey.

You are already healed. You are already whole.  A more compassionate relationship with yourself is on the other side of the breath. 

Erin Telford

I first found breathwork in Malibu, California in 2004 and fell in love with the practice. Previously, I had done a lot of work to explore well known meditation practices. Always an avid follower of rock and roll, I was wowed that I didn’t have to be quiet to meditate. As I kept going back to this class what I learned was that the people who went to this class regularly were healing old wounds, and establishing new healthy patterns of living happier at a rate I previously had thought impossible. It was common for people to share that they had completely transformed their lives from going to breathwork classes and not just from therapy alone. I also met people like Nathaniel V. Dust who bring breathwork into rehabs all over southern California because it helps addicts to clear out emotional baggage, and it can replace some of the highs they might have experienced using—but as a sober experience. Breathwork, which historically was known as pranayama yoga, became the tool I chose to use to call into my life positive intentions and let go of what wasn’t serving me. I was so impressed with this powerful healing tool that I studied with the foremost breathwork expert David Elliot in 2017 and started Baltimore Breathwork that same year.

I’m excited to offer and invite you to this practice here at Nao Meditation. My teacher David Elliot always says the experience is different for everyone and different every time you do it.

If you would like to know more about breathwork here is a list of key people to follow on Instagram:

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Looking forward to seeing you at the Baltimore Breathwork Sound Bath here at Nao!

Liz “Baltimore Breathwork”

Just ask: baltimorebreathwork@gmail.com