• Pamela

Class Spotlight: Qigong

I’ve been teaching qigong for fifteen years, and for most of that time, when people ask about it, I give them a detailed description. But here, I’ll just give you one sentence:

Qigong is a beautiful moving meditation, similar to t’ai chi, that stimulates the energy flow in the body for optimum health and deep relaxation.

But here’s the essence and the core of it; here’s what people who take my class have to say:

  • I can’t believe how relaxed I feel!

  • This class is blissful.

  • Even though it’s gentle, it feels like a workout.

  • I’m never able to empty my mind with meditation, but when I come to class, I totally get out of my head.

  • My wrist was hurting from carpal tunnel and now it doesn’t.

  • Your voice is so soothing. You create a calm and welcoming environment.

  • I love the way you give corrections so that nobody feels singled out. It’s so helpful.

  • I feel great when I do your class!

  • I sleep better at night when I come to your class.

  • I feel like Qigong is good for my brain. It helps me focus.

  • I love that qigong is good for balance.

  • This class helps me calm down after a stressful day.

I could also tell you that studies have shown that practicing qigong reduces levels of cortisol in the blood. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and too much of it can cause high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, and weight gain, among other things.

But honestly, words can’t convey what it feels like to practice qigong.

So come give it a try, and start your week off with my lunchtime class as we form a new group of Baltimore qigong practitioners!

I welcome any questions you may have: pamelatanton@gmail.com.