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Kundalini 101

Mary Leone (Devi Sopurkh)

What is kundalini? Very simply, kundalini is energy, the energy of awareness, the energy of consciousness.  We all have it lying dormant at the base of the spine in the area of muladhara (the root chakra).

With very specifically designed exercises called kriyas we can raise and circulate this energy throughout the body. Why do we want to do this? As the energy begins to flow we develop clarity in our perception, intuition, thought process & creative potential.

Kundalini is known as the yoga of awareness.

The word yoga means to yoke or unite, the goal of all yoga being to unite the individual consciousness with the Infinite or Supreme Consciousness.  Kundalini does that by utilizing a proven scientific technology.  There is a specific goal for each class with each part of the class coordinated to achieve that goal. 

Every class integrates pranayam (breath work), mudra (hand positions), mantra (sound current), dristi (eye positions), chanting, rests, meditation & of course, postures.

Each kriya works on the whole body but targets something specific.  Just name it-there’s a kriya for that!: the digestive system, the spine, depression, anger, prosperity, insomnia, the immune system, the kidneys. We can go on & on.  There are literally hundreds if not thousands of kundalini kriyas and meditations creating great variety among classes.

Overall, kundalini yoga is oriented towards health, disease prevention & connecting with your higher self and is accessible to all ages, shapes & sizes.  It recognizes the 3-fold structure of our essence: the physical body, the mind & the soul.  All three natures are incorporated to facilitate healthy living and spiritual awakening.