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Why Meditate?

I am frequently asked why someone should meditate.

Meditation is not a panacea. It is, however, a valuable tool to bring one into a state of presence and awareness. This state of presence and awareness is an important mechanism for addressing the unexpected events that happen in life.

As an example; when an unexpected event occurs, we can either focus on what happened or on what needs to happen as a result. Having the presence brought about by a regular practice of mindful meditation puts us in a place to respond positively to the unexpected, rather than react reflexively.

Meditation brings a person in touch with the present moment and teaches us to tune into the physical elements associated with our psychological states. By learning to identify the physical sensations that lead to emotional states, we can get ahead of our feelings and curiously observe. Again, allowing us to respond, rather than react.

Meditation also teaches us to associate our breathing, particularly the outbreath, with releasing tension, softening the body and letting go. This can be very helpful in stemming stress or anxiety before it gets the better of us.

About the author:

Mindful Leadership Coach and Consultant Tom MacIntosh brings over 30 years of experience leading and developing teams, as well as extensive training in psychology, together with a commitment to calling on every individual’s highest potential, or as he calls it, their inner light.

His mission is to restore places and people to a state of clarity and calm so that they can approach uncertainty and volatility with more compassion, precision and creativity. Tom’s personal experience with depression brought on by a toxic workplace culture initiated him into a lifelong practice of mindfulness, meditation and relationship to self.

It is this merging of the inner world of self-awareness with the outer world of business and organizational success that he has found to be the tipping point for better relationships and high-performance. He believes that our capacity to stay curious about ourselves and others is directly correlated to the degree to which we can ignite meaningful transformation.

Tom can be reached at tom@themeaningfulworkplace.com or via phone/text at +1.443.858.9415.